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AddThis Social Bookmark Button   January 2014

We are on our way to another wonderful calendar year of working hard to help support our Troops, Veterans and Military Families.

While many are thinking the war is over, we military families know that is not the case. Our sons, daughters and other loved ones still serve in harms way. For this reason, our mission continues to support our Troops and military families. Here on the Homefront we continue to support our Veterans as their needs are even greater now with the economy being as it is. Your monetary donations are always put to great use, every cent we receive is used for program purposes, our organization is 100% volunteer with no one ever garnering a profit in any way.

There are always new ways to keep the interest at the top of everyone's list with new events such as our Armed Forces Day Afternoon Tea, Honoring Our Military Women and Spouses.  What better way for all of us to get together and have a bit of tea, share some comraderie amongst tea sandwiches and flowers? We are so excited that local schools are looking for ways to help our veterans, so many of whom are in need at this time.

We continue our service to our wounded warriors with quarterly dinners at the VA for them and their families. It is always a joy to do this and we are always looking for books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, video games and board games to take over to them as their recovery is sometimes lengthy and just watching TV gets boring for everyone!

In addition, we are always in need of items for our Liberty Canteen which supplies local veterans with items to help them with their daily lives. This includes homeless veterans as well as low/fixed income veterans.  Many of our Seniors are unable to make ends meet and they deserve to eat more than 1 piece of bread and 1 egg a day to allow them to pay their utility bills.

It seems like I am always asking for help for our "cause" but there is so much that needs to be done and while we are a Veterans Service Organization, we are looking for new and innovative ways to raise the funds we are in need of.

To that end, if your employer offers grants or any type of funding to nonprofit organizations, we would be happy to submit any required paperwork to that end.  We have several ways that we are currently seeking funding through such as the online search tool: where you can list the Alameda County Blue Star Moms as your favorite charity and then receive coupons for dining, shopping and more!

We have also partnered with Double D BBQ who is a local hot sauce retailer. They are offering $1 donation to our organization for every bottle of hot sauce purchased via their website. The flyers link is on our homepage with the coupon code to allow the donation. Please download it and pass it along to friends, family and co-workers. Every dollar counts in our program endeavors. 

Our chapter looks forward to renewing old relationships, continuing with our outstanding support from local businesses and community members and making new friends who support our programs.  Helping to build a better future for military dependents, assisting veterans when and where we can and as always, supporting our Troops.

We look forward to working with you!


Julie M. Ramirez


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