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Effective August 30, 2014 the Alameda County Blue Star Moms will no longer be a chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc.

Our Mission to support our Troops, Veterans, Military Families and those who serve U.S. will continue with Lodestar, a local nonprofit

We hope that you will continue to support their Mission as we will be standing with them as Blue Star Families in support of who they are and what they are doing; continuing the commitment to Service.

At this time, we are no longer accepting donations via our website.

We thank you for your support, financially and otherwise. It has been an honor to assist our military and we look forward to continuing with Lodestar in this endeavor. 









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Mission Statement


Alameda County Blue Star Moms, Chapter CA23 provides tangible support to Military Personnel and their families. From Active Duty, Deployed, National Guard, Reserve, Veteran and Fallen; we assist in any way that we can to show our continued Respect and Admiration by doing what is necessary and within our power to help support our Soldiers, and their families with their needs. Alameda County Blue Star Moms honor the sacrifices that military families have made and continue to make and ensure that we will assist them with their needs through support, education and friendship.


 While on our site, you will notice various links to other non-profit and for-profit organizations.  ACBSM does not endorse products for any vendor, we provide information to you that you may not have otherwise been aware of and your decision to contact any other organization, use their products, donate time or funds to them is entirely your own decision for which we take no responsibility in any manner.

We do not have an "official spokesperson" as has been stated by others in the past; we follow the By-laws and Code of Conduct of our National Organization, The Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. Although members are encouraged to spread the word, we do not endorse any particular person in any other organization or association to speak on our behalf.


U.S. Code: Title 36; Section 943

The purposes of the corporation shall be: to perpetuate the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., and the memory of all the men and women who have served our country as members of the Armed Forces; the further object of this organization shall be patriotic, educational, social, and for service; to maintain true allegiance to the Government of the United States; to educate our members and others not to divulge military, naval, or other Government information; to assist in veterans' ceremonies, to attend patriotic rallies and meetings; to foster true democracy; to care for the unsupported mothers who gave their sons to the service of the Nation; to aid in bringing about recognition of the need of permanent civilian defense for each community and to ever be alert against invasion of un-American activities; to uphold the American institutions of freedom, justice, and equal rights, and to defend the United States from all enemies.



I'm a Blue Star Mom

I'm A Blue Star Mom

We wear our hearts on our sleeves
You see the tears in our eyes
You know we are hurting
But you don't ask us why
We start each new day
With a prayer on our lips
That our babies are all safe
In the air, on the ground and in ships
We fly all our flags and
We wear all our pins
Waiting for the day
Our child soldier comes in
We have our bad days
At work and at home
Trying hard not to cry
Until we're alone
We think of them always
We pray they are safe
We dread that one phone call
The car and the wait
We are Mothers doing now
As Military Mothers have been
Pledging Allegiance to our Country
Our Armed Forces Women and Men
We want you to know
That it's no easy task
To let go of what you cared for
And know they might not last
So whenever you see us
Wearing our Ribbons and Blue Stars
Know that we are just waiting
For our Soldier, our baby, our heart.
J. M. Ramirez (c) 2009
All items on this website are not to be redistributed or copied unless specificed otherwise by ACBSM. When ever possible, we post the resources of information shared to allow our visitors the opportunity to visit those particular websites.  We would appreciate those who would like to copy our Mission Statement or other statements notify us first for permission.


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